Khadas Edge Ubuntu Firmware Release Notes

For OTA Releases

Please check How To Upgrade The System to upgrade the system to latest release.

Edge Only support Ubuntu 18.04 for Linux 4.4.

V20200110: (Base Release)

  1. updated kernel to 4.4.194
  2. added fenix updater package
  3. fixed WiringPi
  4. added WiringPi Python3 package
  5. fixed u-boot installation
  6. fixed RT5651 codec
  7. enabled SPDIF output
  8. added pulseaudio default configration
  9. added CEC support for Kodi
  10. preinstall firefox browser
  11. added system information UI menu
  12. added more compress/extract method
  13. added cooling FAN UI setting menu
  14. added WOL UI setting menu


  1. Update kernel to 4.4.179
  2. Update loader
  3. Add initial support for OTA
  4. Fixup auto upgrade issue
  5. Update ubuntu rootfs


  1. Add Kodi support
  2. Update loader, fixup LPDDR4 issue


  1. Add docker support
  2. Add QT5 player


  1. Update zram configuration
  2. Increasing DMA block memory allocation to 2048
  3. Add configurations for iotop


  1. Fixup DP display
  2. Fixup HDMI & DP hotplug issue


  1. support new cooling FAN


  1. Add X11 GPU support
  2. Add gstreamer with hardware acceleration support
  3. Add Chromium WebGL support
  4. Add Chromium video play with hardware acceleration support
Edge Only support Ubuntu 20.04 for Mainline Linux.

V0.9.1-20200602: (Base Release)

  1. Initial support for Ubuntu 20.04 Focal
  2. U-boot 2020.04
  3. Linux 5.7.0