Upgrade Android Via An SD-Card

Here’s an example of upgrading Android.

The operation of VIM1, VIM2 and VIM3 is almost the same, so this document will take VIM1 as an example.


  • Download the Burn Card Maker Tool and extract it.
  • Prepare an SD-Card and a Card Reader. Your card will be formatted, so you might want to back up your data first.
  • A display/monitor that supports HDMI video-input.

Upgrading Steps:

  1. Run Burn_Card_Maker.exe tool:
    Image of BurnCardMaker_Tool
  2. Insert the SD-Card into your PC, it should appear as a new drive letter. Then:
    • Select your SD-Card from the drop-down list of Choose the disk.
    • [Optional] Enable To Partition and Format(Check this the first time you’re making a Booting Card for VIM).
    • Click the Open button and choose an image for VIM.
    • Click the Make button to create a Burning Card for VIM:
      Image of BurnCardMaker_Tool_Interface
  3. When everything is finished, click the Success button to terminate the current operation.
  4. Unplug the SD-Card from your PC and insert it into the SD-Card slot on your VIM.
  5. Connect the USB-C & HDMI cables, and VIM will power-on automatically.
  6. Place your VIM into Upgrade Mode to complete your Firmware upgrade:
    • Long press Power key without release it.
    • Short press Reset key and then release it.
    • Count 2 to 3 seconds and release the Power key to enter into Upgrade Mode.

If everything went fine, now your display/monitor should show this:
Image of Upgrading_Interface

Have Fun!

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