Khadas Tone1 Beginners FAQ


  • No driver installation is necessary.

Select Audio Device

  • The audio output controls for your Mac are in System Preferences > Sound.

Mac OS X Sound Control Panel

  • Or click the volume icon in your Mac’s menu bar.

Mac OS X Sound Menu

Enable Volume Control On Mac OS X:

If you’re using a Tone Board on a Mac, you may notice that you are unable to control the output volume of your Tone Board. To enable volume control, you’ll need to upgrade your Tone Board’s firmware. (Newer models of Tone Board are shipped with upgraded firmware)

Learn More:
Upgrade Tone Board Firmware


  • If there is no sound is coming from your Tone Board, you may need to install a driver.


Select Audio Device On Windows:

  • Click the audio icon in your Windows Task Bar.

Windows 10 Volume Control

  • Then click the upward-facing arrow to select your audio output device.

Windows 10 Select Playback Device

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