Upgrade Using A SD Card


  • Windows PC.
  • Download SDDiskTool and extract it.
  • SD-Card and an SD-Card Reader.
  • HDMI Monitor.

You should backup the data of your SD-Card if it is important to you. All data on your SD-Card will be erased.

Create Burning Card

  1. Insert your SD-Card into the Card Reader, and insert the Card Reader into the USB-port of your Host PC.

  2. Open the SDDiskTool tool.

  3. Select the SD-Card you just inserted.

  4. Set function mode as Upgrade Firmware.

  5. Click Firmware and select the firmware you want to burn.

  6. Click Create to start burning the image to your SD-Card.


If the image was burned successfully, you will see the following image:

Upgrading Via An SD Card

  1. Insert the “SD Burning Card” into the Edge-V TF-Card slot, or TF-Card slot on an Edge-IO that’s connected to Edge.
  2. Connect Edge to a screen via a HDMI cable.
  3. Power on Edge or reboot it.
  4. After reboot you will see the upgrade-interface displayed on your HDMI monitor.

Sdtool upgrade

If upgrading was done successfully, you will see the following interface:

Sdtool upgrade done

Remove the SD-Card from your Edge SBC, and the system will reboot automatically into the new OS.

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