Ubuntu system configuration file Usage

This document will introduce how to use the configuration file of the Ubuntu system

All the functions in the configuration file are not valid for the main line and 4.9, please check the corresponding function introduction


env.txt is located in the /boot directory and is an environment configuration file used to configure the functions of the Ubuntu system.
The system will read this file when it starts to set HDMI, fan, CPU frequency, etc.

Modify this file, you can change the settings of these functions.

$ sudo vim /boot/env.txt

Fan Setting

Only applicable to the firmware of the 4.9 kernel

Fan level

  • off : Cooling fan is disabled.
  • low : Cooling fan is working at low speed mode.
  • mid : Coolinn fan is working at middle speed mode.
  • high: Cooling fan is working at high speed mode.
  • auto: Cooling fan is working at auto speed mode. By default, the fan speed is determined by CPU temperature.

Change Fan Level

  • Set cooling fan to low speed mode:

    • Edit file /boot/env.txt and set fan_mode=low.
  • Set cooling fan to mid speed mode:

    • Edit file /boot/env.txt and set fan_mode=mid.
  • Set cooling fan to high speed mode:

    • Edit file /boot/env.txt and set fan_mode=high.
  • Set cooling fan to auto speed mode:

    • Edit file /boot/env.txt and set fan_mode=auto.
  • Disable cooling fan:

    • Edit file /boot/env.txt and set fan_mode=off.

After edit the file, you need to save the file and reboot the board.

khadas@Khadas:~$ sync
khadas@Khadas:~$ sudo reboot