This article mainly introduces how to quickly get started after getting the board to make the system run.

Power Supply

Although your Edge SBC is compatible with various types of power supplies, these are the recommended specs for the best performance-output and stability.

  • Khadas USB-C 24W Power Adapter (USB Power Delivery)
  • Khadas USB-C Cable (Male-to-Male)

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Displays & User Input

These items are useful when you need to connect your Edge SBC to an external display + keyboard mouse + remote control, for use as a desktop computer or media center. Edge series SBCs h
ave USB-C display-port capability, which allows them to connect directly to Type-C enabled 4K monitors, to exchange power, data, video, and audio over a single cable.

  1. 4K HDMI 2.0 Cable
  2. HDMI-Compatible 1080P/4K Monitor w/ USB Type-C
  3. Wireless USB Keyboard + Mouse
  4. CEC-Compatible Remote Control

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Please do not attach multiple cables with large heads that interfere with each other, as that may bend or twist the connectors, and this will cause intermittent connectivity issues after
some time.

Quick connect and boot

  1. Type-C: Type-C port is the power connection port

  2. HDMI: Standard HDMI socket, connect your display

  3. ETH (optional): Ethernet port holder

After the power is turned on, it starts normally, and you can see the Khadas Logo on the display, and the white light flashes


  1. The blue light is always on and the boot screen is not seen: the WoL function is turned on, press the Power button to boot normally, turn off WOL->How to use WOL
  2. Repeated restarts: insufficient power supply, please use the official recommended external power supply

Commonly used documents

  1. Install OS into eMMC
  2. Install System into SD/USB Storage
  3. Enter Upgrade Mode
  4. Ubuntu Firmware
  5. Wi-Fi

Edge Website

For more information, please see our website, read more decumentation, or visit our forum.