How To Run Android NPU Demo On VIM3 Or VIM3L


Before run android NPU Demo,please download firmware,update system to newest version.

Get NPU demo

NPU demo is not installed on the board by default, You need to download it from gitlab.

Gitlab repository address :

NPU demo app currently integrates three yolo series models, as shown in the following figure
Image of vim_npumode

YOLOV3 MODEL: yolo image recognition model
YOLOV2 MODEL: yolo image recognition model,the accuracy is not as high as yolo v3
YOLOFACE MODEL: yolo face detection model

Run NPU demo

After downloading the app source code, you can import it into Android studio to run it, or you can directly run it with adb install -t APK. Connect the USB camera or mipi camera to the board, and select the corresponding model to run it, as shown in the figure below
Image of vim_npuresult