Build U-Boot

This documentation will introduce how to build U-Boot from source code.

We suggest to use Fenix to build U-Boot, just a few simple commands needed. Please refer to Build Ubuntu/Debian Images to setup the development environment.

Setup Environment

You need to choose the BOARD, e.g. VIM3, U-Boot version, Linux version, system version, etc.

$ source

At current stage, two version of U-Boot supported:

  • SoC vendor U-Boot version 2015.01, version is old but has best support
  • Mainline U-Boot version, latest version but some functions may not work

You need to choose the correct version due to your requirement.


Build U-Boot Binaries

Just a simple command to build.

$ make uboot

You can find the binaries in folder build/u-boot/fip/_tmp, what we need are and u-boot.bin.

  • - Used to burn to SD card
  • u-boot.bin - Used to burn to eMMC

Build U-Boot Debian Package

You can also choose to U-Boot as Debian package which can be installed in Ubuntu system.

$ make uboot-deb

You can find the Debian packages in folder build/images/debs/{VERSION}/{BOARD}.

VERSION : Means to Fenix version, e.g. 1.0.7
BOARD : Means to Khadas board, e.g. VIM3

So the folder may be build/images/debs/1.0.7/VIM3, and the U-Boot Debian packages will be linux-u-boot-xxx-xxx_xxx-xxx_arm64.deb.

  • SoC vendor U-Boot Debian package : linux-u-boot-vim3-vendor_1.0.7-2015.01_arm64.deb
  • Mainline U-Boot Debian package : linux-u-boot-vim3-mainline_1.0.7-v2021.04_arm64.deb

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